The Original Scottish Pork Pie
Served cold with a dollop of
Colmans mustard & Branston Pickle

Indian Style Potato Pie
Vegetarian pie with potatoes, peas, carrots and spices - Served with mint chutney & tamarind sauce

Jamaican Beef Pattie (spicy)
Traditional spicy ground beef hand pie
Served with spicy habanero-mango jelly

Sausage Roll
British style house made pork sausage and veggies wrapped in puff pastry

Scotch Egg
House made banger wrapped around
a hard-boiled egg, breaded and deep fried

Spinach Artichoke Pie
Spinach, artichoke, cheese vegetarian pie with potatoes

$5 for one ~ $8 for two ~ $12 for three

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