The Original Bullseye Pork Pie
Seasoned pork pate and pork jelly sealed in hot water pastry

Cornish Pasty  
Skirt steak, potatoes, turnips and onions perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper wrapped in braided short crust

Scotch Peh
Specially seasoned minced beef inside a crisp pie shell, a true Scottish recipe

Scotch Egg
Dark yolk egg wrapped in house banger sausage, delicately breaded and deep fried

Sausage Roll
House banger sausage, onions, garlic and parsley wrapped in crunchy puff pastry

Spinach Artichoke Pie
Spinach, artichoke, potato and cheese enveloped in a cream cheese pie crust

We happily provide house made sauces and pickled onion as well as Coleman’s Mustard, Branston Pickle & HP Sauce

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